Why this step ?

Welcome to my Vigispam profile, protection and digital security solutions. I am using this verification system to evaluate my relationship entry requests by email and on social networks.

You have been directed to this page from an automatic reply through my email or my answering machine. If you do by some of my contacts, thank you to fill out and submit the form so that I complete your details. A simple step that allows me to limit unwanted contacts, and the risk of fraud.

It's completely free for you, but you can also register there is a free version. You can also access the homepage.

You can use the Anti-robot Validation or take a photo from your Webcam.

Secure our trade

You are harassed by callers who call you in masked number, you receive fraudulent email messages. Want to know who contacts you, be reassured about the identity of the person who wants to join?

The site is a simple solution to use, effective in most fraud attempts and identity theft by email, SMS, phone, but also social networks.
It allows you to receive messages from people who agree to send you their contact information and data that will be useful in case of dispute..
The process is very simple :

1 - indicate your profile to a new contact from your email signature, on your answering machine message, via private message on social networks.

2 - the caller is asked to complete a short form to confirm his details.

3 - if he agrees, he gives to the website his geolocation, and its geographic coordinates.

4 - you can then evaluate this contact based on the transmitted data.

In the majority of attempted fraud , or fraud , malicious individuals abandon at this first stage

This validation allows to keep track of your exchanges particularly in cases of attempted fraud. So you do not have to fill this form or send it back. If the card does not match your position , report it in the form, in the reference box . You can block access to your geo-location from your browser..

NB : If you do not see a map with your position below, is that your browser does not have access to your location..

Recherche de vos coordonnées GPS : en cours...

Validate your details.